Exterior views of Birkbeck.



‘A new face for a great institution’

Won in a competition Richard* led this project for a new library and re-orientation of the college buildings to allow Torrington Square to become the forecourt for Birkbeck. Working for Birkbeck and separately The University of London, the project was delivered over three phases and included a new reception café, significant library extension and below ground lecture halls and foyers.

The clever design reorientated the college entrance, which originally faced Mallet Street, to address Torrington Square and to allow what was a carpark, to become a significant public space to the benefit of students at the whole University as well as increasing Birkbeck’s profile. The work included new top floors over the existing Charles Holden listed buildings and provided sufficient accommodation for the Library and staff office to enable their Gresham Street site to be released. All achieved while the building was in occupation.

*Carried out when Richard was a director of Nick Evans Architects.


Birkbeck & the University of London


Torrington Square WC1






Diagram of plan view concept of Birkbeck.

Our competition winning solution reversed the plan to make Torrington Square the forecourt to Birkbeck.


at night the entrance and library glow becoming the focal point in the landscape.

Exterior night time view of Birkbeck.


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