Exterior views of Leathermarket Street, Bermondsey, London.


Leathermarket Street, Bermondsey, London

Enriched human legacy…

Our proposal for 44 new homes and offices on this sensitive site carefully anticipates the profound impact that ongoing change brings to our lives - whether this be a consequence of shifting personal or physical circumstances, technology or community needs. Upper most are the dynamics brought by Climate Change and Covid-19.
Engagement with the local community and a focus on delivering the London Borough of Southwark’s own Fairer Futures values has given rise to a collective vision for a ‘community led housing legacy’.

Our aspiration is for an architecture that offers an innovative asset that can be enjoyed by the client, their residents and the wider community over an extended time frame. A building that is firmly rooted in its context but looks to the future -both socially and environmentally for its long-term success. Helping to nourish and enrich the community by offering flexibility and adaptability, having a net zero carbon footprint, whilst being characterful and elegant. Aspiring to become a building that is prized by the community




Leathermarket Street, Bermondsey, London.


44 New Senior Living Homes




Gateway entrance to Leathermarket Street, Bermondsey, London.

New ‘gateway’ into Leathermarket Gardens - playground and community hub


Social integration - within and without.

Diargams of concept for Leathermarket Street, Bermondsey, London.


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