Exterior view of SEED ACTON in Acton.


SEED ACTON, Acton, London

A place to live and grow…

In acknowledgement of their position as market leaders within the UK’s Build to Rent Sector, the UKAA invited GTH to participate in their 2019 Build to Rent competition. GTH worked with Greystar, and G Larson Properties as well as ViewCity in the formulation of an ‘edge of city’ offer that proposed 250 new homes set over 12 storeys – a place to live and grow.

Brand before Building:
In a nutshell, the project’s key values were identified as:
Customer Experience / Systematised Uniqueness/ Integration
The brand was conceived to give rise to a culture where strong community ties could flourish and, in turn, nourish the personal growth of the building’s customers. The scheme is rich with a variety of thoughtful shared communal spaces offering differing scales and activity whilst also providing a balance of private amenity – providing a wealth of contrasting customer experience and a broad range of commercial permutations for Greystar to offer to and compete within a fiercely competitive marketplace.

In construction terms, the scheme has been designed to build on Greystar’s proven track record of swiftly delivering high-quality product using Modern Methods of Construction – in this instance wholly designed for modular on-site assembly.

Scheme Design:
The scheme – which occupies a city block very close to Acton Town Station – is arranged around a double courtyard, one quiet and contemplative, the other active and sociable and a series of south-facing ‘hanging gardens’ onto which communal activity spaces are carefully distributed. Private apartments are distributed facing onto public realm, on to stepped terraces or into the generous courtyards.


Greystar, G Larson Properties & ViewCity


Acton, London


250 New Homes




Diagram of GTH's unique methodology.

GTH’s unique #Brand Before Building methodology.


Schematic analysis of the customer experience

Schematic analysis of the customer experience.


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