Exterior view of St Thomas Street building.


St Thomas Street

Home from home for first time students…

St Thomas Street delivers a high quality landmark,
borne out of the idiosyncratic character that runs through Bristol’s townscape. It is predicated on four key cornerstones:

  • The city’s rich cultural heritage
  • The high quality architectural context of the site, both historic and future
  • Bristol’s progressive entrepreneurial character
  • The creation of a nurturing and protective environment for the talented individuals whose contributions to their respective disciplines will ultimately help chart a path for society into the future.

The residence is conceived to provide a dynamic environment supporting students as they pursue their own academic goals. Taking cues from Redcliffe’s river front wharf buildings the principle ground floor facades are articulated via a series of rhythmic arched openings – varying in size and height according to the functions they frame within the building. To mark the key St Thomas Street/Mitchell Lane junction the arches converge at a double height opening that defines the principle entrance to the building, leading - via an arcade - into central courtyard which, in turn, provides an intimate and nurturing threshold to the student accommodation entrances. Please visit F3’s fly through video of the completed scheme: https://www.f3g.uk/portfolio/st-thomas-street/


F3 Group (in partnership with Bristol University)




344 Student Beds over 10,400m2




Exterior close up of St Thomas Street building.

View of junction between St Thomas Street and Mitchel Lane.


Exploded diagram illustrating the building’s key components.

Diagram explaining St Thomas Street building's key components.


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