Reception desk at the Economist Group Headquarters


The Economist Group

Many hands, single voice…

This prestigious project provided a new headquarters for the Economist Group – the first time the majority of their Group companies had been located in a single place.
To help define departments and also to bring interest and event to the large open plan space, a series of transition points or ’gateways’ were used to mark the passing from one to the next. These are ‘loose fit’ in that they do not prevent the ebbs and flows of departmental sizes. The gateways also contain practical things like printer/recycling points, offices and meeting rooms.

A flexible layout provides for the functional requirements and individual identity of each of the Group’s different companies, while maintaining the overall Economist Group identity. The Economist Group offers insight, analysis and services that are highly valued by its customers. Underpinning its ability to fulfill this objective is an absolute commitment to independence, integrity and the pursuit of quality. It is notable that The Economist Group’s output – the product of many individuals – is delivered as one single authoritative voice.

Many Hands, Single Voice
Our concept took its point of departure from this culture. We articulated the work of ‘many hands’ in the context of one overarching collective voice, akin to the individual colleges that combine to form a University – each possessing an individual character whilst being simultaneously subservient to the University’s overriding ‘umbrella’ identity.

The project was delivered with Barclays Capital and MACE.


The Economist Group


Canary Wharf, London.






Break out area with teapoint and seating

Many hands, single voice concept.


Break out and collaboration area.

Exploded diagram of break out and collaboration area concept


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