Wide exterior view of Woodview Mews.


Woodview Mews

Facing up to change…

Livinhome recognises that the ability to transform ourselves and our environments is an essential ingredient for the sustained wellbeing of individuals and communities.
LivinHome is a housing typology that uniquely responds to and facilitates life’s transformations, whether they be a growing family; the incorporation of extended family; the accommodation of work within the home; the need for supplementary income generation; or even end of life care.

LivinHome is able to adapt to these complex needs and challenges through the application of a simple but flexible ‘chassis’ concept - providing the foundation for effortless, post completion, adjustments to the physical arrangement of the home environment. Through LivinHome occupants (and operators) are empowered to respond to changes in circumstance with minimal cost and disruption. By extending the useful life cycle and suitability of the home, occupants need not concern themselves with the idea of their current home functioning as a mere ‘stepping stone’ on route to the next home that better caters for their changing circumstances.
LivinHome’s enhanced longevity offers occupants the opportunity to commit to and emotionally invest in longer term relationships with their neighbours, communities and a more sustainable future.

For more information also visit: www.livinhome.co.uk


Guildhouse UK


Church Road, Croydon


11 New Homes




Concept sketches of Woodview Mews.

Concept sketches.


View of principle facade.

Exterior facade of Woodview Mews.


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