Creating better futures/


Our Specialisms/

We engage in all aspects of the design development process, from conception to completion and through into post occupation evaluation.

We have special skills in the following:

Brand before building/

A good design proposition will be end user centric, recognising that customers are the primary source of revenue, and will include relevant measures to keep end users happy to nurture relationships and secure steady long-term income.

Our #BrandBeforeBuilding methodology is designed to identify and capture the immediate and aspirational needs of your target market and integrate these early in design process ensuring a well thought through experience is the focus of the design product.

Brand is an opportunity to connect with people and their values. To communicate and to form relationships.

Master Planning & Urban Design/

We add most value to your project when involved from the earliest stages. We can help you analyse your estate and work with you to optimise your returns – both from a qualitative and financial perspective.

We have expertise in supporting educational clients, helping estate strategies develop, transforming estates, marrying changing pedagogy with the creation of stimulating living and learning environments.

Key to our experience is our extensive involvement in strategic master planning which enables us to rapidly visualise opportunities that promote your objectives. Whilst, always focused on your business and operational requirements we combine innovation with functionality.

Off site, Modern Methods of Construction and BIM/

GTH have been using smart technology to drive the revolution in intelligent construction. For us, offsite construction is a business strategy – not just a procurement option.

We have a comprehensive understanding and broad experience with the design and delivery of most mainstay offsite platforms and how they interact with programme, procurement and future operational and management considerations.

We can guide you through the implications of this from the outset to completion of your project.

Interior and Workplace Design/

We have had the privilege of working with some of the UK’s most innovative and highly regarded employers in the design and delivery of their working environments.

Our expertise ranges from the development of workplace strategy, organisational change management and the development of concepts designed to attract and retain employee ‘talent’.

Our understanding of ‘brand’ helps us align design outcomes with your business objectives from master planning stages through to fully realised projects.


Sustainability Advice

GTH’s concern with a responsible sustainable future is a corner stone of the practice. We will give you unfussy clear advice on options that may be appropriate for your project.

The strategies of all our designs consider sustainability as an integrated part of the design process, including all aspects of social, economic and governance considerations (ESG).

Principal Designer

We are happy to provide the Principal Designer role under CDM 2020, taking the lead in Health and Safety during the design stage of projects.

The college now has a physical, visible heart that reflects the great teaching experience that we offer… the whole arrangement encourages meeting dialogue and good behaviour. What is best is that it is fun for the students and the staff alike.

Peter Glasgow