Exterior corner of black cladded facade of 80 Churchill Square.


Building 80 Churchill Square

New addition completes listed square, “A building which is universally recognised, a local landmark.”

Won in competition our design for a new centre for this office complex was developed with close attention to the complex stakeholders in the local community. The listed setting was formerly an RAF World War 2 staff quarters.

Our client having run this for a number of years wanted a new building providing flexible office base for small businesses and start ups. The building was to form the centre piece of the square, the shared facilities for the other buildings including reception and management services. The complex sits within the Kings Hill estate and had to be negotiated with the Local Authority TMBC, KCC and the Kings Hill Trust. The proximity of mature trees and the need to upgrade the streetscape added to the complexity of the project.

On completion of this project Capital Space have asked us to upgrade further buildings on this site and review improvements on other parts of their estate which comprise of 7 similar complexes across the south east of England.


Capital Space Ltd


Churchill Square, Kings Hill






Diagram of two interior floor plates.

The design fostered meeting and interaction between the individual businesses and provided the shared spaces and meeting rooms for this community as well as management and reception facilities.


interior views of 80 Churchill Square.


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